Wil Shippy

FilmmAker // Graphic Designer // Composer

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A few film/video project's I've directed and or shot.

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Portfolio // Works

Graphic // Design

Wil's film posters, album covers, front page ads, miscellaneous projects and original art.

Video // Filmmaking

TV, music videos, web video directing, cinematography and design work.

Music // Composing

TV commercials, video games, remixes, film scores and audiobook music composing collection.

The television screen has become the retina of the mind's eye. That's why I refuse to appear on television, except on television.

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The Wedding Dead

Graphic Design Project

A gory zombie infested wedding anniversary photoshoot. A reenactment of their first wedding dead. Here's the kicker, the wedding party turned to zombies and the couple must kill them to prevent being infected.

Black Snake In
Sacred Waters

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The Lost Beings

TV Series pilot pitch, graphic design & original soundtrack

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